Gymnastics Instructors

Location: State College, PA
Date Posted: 03-24-2015
The primary function of the Part Time Instructor is to ensure that all students who participate at Nittany’s develops appropriate skills through the guidelines of the designed curriculum and completed according to the employee handbook in a fun atmosphere.  The Part Time Instructor is to assure proper policies and procedures are being followed.  This position shall always apply the values and ethics of Nittany Gymnastics Academy and enforce positive learning approaches.

Position Requirements:

  • 1+ year(s) gymnastics instruction experience or equivalent child movement education experience. 
  • The ability to create and implement and follow lesson plans for classes.
  • Good communication skills
  • Extensive knowledge of gymnastics
  • Desire to work with children
  • Safety Certified Instructor
  • Act 34, Act 114 and Act 151 Clearances.
Position Duties:
  • Follow all safety rules for instruction and class conduct
  • Proper spotting techniques
  • Complete thorough lesson plans a minimum of one (1) week in advance, recognizing individual student needs
  • Follow curriculum guidelines set forth by Nittany Gymnastics
  • Conduct periodic testing and distribution of progressions
  • Follow rotations in accordance with class schedule and proper use of stations
  • Keep control of classes and monitor all stations assigned
  • Follow gym disciplinary procedures for disruptive students
  • Participate as an Instructor at assigned Birthday Parties
  • Attend all Staff Meetings
  • Arrive and ready to work a minimum of 15 minutes before class time begins
  • Wear Nittany staff attire during working hours
  • Engage in proper interaction with other staff members, keeping positive attitude
  • Encourage children to do their best, keeping a positive atmosphere
  • Never discriminate against any child or person
  • Follow policies and procedures set forth in the Staff Handbook
  • Assist with Customer Service.
  • Participate in mandated activities at Nittany Gymnastics
  • Assist with care and maintenance of all gym equipment, mats and the pit
  • Other duties as assigned.

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